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"I was in need of Heating repair this winter, my wife said her friend uses Ram Air Heating And Air Conditioning repair services. I call them on the weekend. Within a very short time a Ram Air Heating & Air Conditioning Technician was at my door. It wasn't long after ward the Heating system was blowing hot air and our home was warm. I was surprised by the low rates considering that this was an after hours call. No overtime rates, n. My family and I sure appreciated the quick response from Ram Air. Heating & AC repair services."

Bill Lee, Queensbury, NY

"I called Ram Air for a AC service repair issue. Called a few others. Just wanted another opinion on the whole AC issue.glad i did. Make a long story short.  I got my AC repair instead of being replaced.Thank you so much for your fast expert service, I was very surprised about your quick response to my house for a AC call as well as the service repair it self. Then the bill even surprised me more. I felt like it was ten years ago when service was service. Thank you so much don't change a thing. I have three places Ram Air Heating & AC will service repair them."

Mark Collins, Saratoga Springs

"At the start of the Heating season I called Ram Air Heating to have my boiler serviced. I receive an advertisement in the mail from Ram Air Heating services.Oil Boiler service and repair, we accepted.Glad I did a problem that was developing over the years. My boiler was leaking  Ram Air serviced and repaired the boiler and it runs great still.  why didn't my other service company see this after all these years of servicing and repairing my boiler? The technician had completed the repairs.I decided to order another boiler and had Ram Air Heating Install this boiler. The very next summer they were there when I got home from work waiting and replaced the boiler as requested. Working well and did . Great job Ram Air Heating is a great service and repair company. my many thanks."

Gary La Moth, Greenfield

"Had Ram Air Heating & AC repair services look at my AC this season.Called a few others all said it had to be replaced because some critter made a nest and chew everything up.Well needless to say  Air Conditioning  repair services provided by Ram Air had a different view. They repaired the wires, then service to the AC system and all is well. All it took was some repair, and old fashion service work. My Heating and Air Conditioning are in good running order. I commend you Ram Air Heating and AC service repair. For your honesty and know how you get five stars."

Jeff Coleman, Gansevoort NY

"Was looking for a Air Conditioning repair and services company that wasn't so big that i was just a number.But yet big enough to give me Heating and air Conditioning service and repair that I my need.I enjoy my Heating and AC. I have had issues with the big guys with there outrages prices and failure to respond back on service and repairs done on my Heating and Air conditioner that they done.I feel I found the perfect Heating and Air Conditioning repair service. Was very pleased with the repair service I received on my AC and heating.I send this to you guys at Ram Air thanks."

Joe Fisher, Saratoga Springs,NY